Who We Are

We are Jenn and Caroline! Two sisters born and raised in Quincy, MA. Having an age gap of 14 years, we still share a very special and unbreakable bond; not only with each other, but with our other sister and brother as well. We grew up in a very close knit family where our mom and dad taught us how to work hard for what we want in life regardless of the excuses and to never give up on your dreams.
With Jenn’s engaging sales approaches and Caroline’s successful experiences within the small business community; we decided to combine our personal and creative skills to establish Two Trunks, our permanent jewelry brand.
Two Trunks symbolizes the bond of an elephant circle. Elephants are known for their strength, beauty, loyalty and supportiveness.
Our hope is for our permanent jewelry to create a reflection of not only your inner elephant, but the love and bond of the elephant circle that surrounds you.
Our jewelry is bonded as strong as our sisterhood.”